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Health consultant

I am a passionate Alexander Technique teacher and have been working with various clients who want to improve their posture and wellbeing or need to deal with their daily physical and emotional pain or discomfort.
I once a week work with musicians at the Royal College of Music London and often assist at the London School of Musical Theatre. 
My background is in the legal profession. I took a career break to have three children and then trained further as a Kodály teacher (music). Whilst working for Colourstrings, I trained as an AT teacher to help me regain energy and cope with a busy life.
Working with the mind and my emotions has also had tremendous benefits on how I stand, walk and use my body. I used to hold my shoulders so tight that they were almost as close as to my ears. I now stand and move with balance and poise.
My continued interest in mind and body techniques means that I have also qualified as a Buteyko practitioner. For more information see section on Buteyko or contact me.
I am also interested in improving my vision naturally by following the Bates method.

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To find a teacher of both the Alexander Technique and Buteyko breathing method is rare. To find a good one is somewhat unique. Both therapies fully compliment each other. It is a revelation how the lessons fully compliment each other through breath work and posture. This allows a healing of the mind, body, speech and the entire nervous system.

Charles, London (from one to one sessions)

This class is unique in that it is very parent focused. It's an opportunity for you to check in with yourself and your body and turn your focus to you for a moment, along with more than enough activity to keep the babies happy. Daniela is a great teacher and encourages a real connection between parent and baby, showing you how you can look to your baby to help your own movement. Would highly recommend.

Faye Stewart (From Mums and Babies classes).

I started Alexander Technique because I have lower back pain and wanted to resolve my posture when sitting. I didn't realise it would be a much more than that and a moment to explore how I engage with my body and that, intuitively, it will come into alignment with the right kind of attention. Daniela is an excellent teacher, very patient and clear, and I am continuing to see her in order to go deeper with this practice.

Zander Levy (from one to one sessions)

Daniela is amazing! She gently guides you and helps to be more mindful about your  body. I do find myself being a lot more mindful and thinking about what she teaches after the classes. I definitely fell much better too! Music and movement elements are really fine for babies so they enjoy it as well.

Paulina Baig (From mums and babies classes).

The sessions are fun and relaxing and I've found AT very good for helping to counter some of the aches and strains of being a mum.

Kirsty Innes (From mums and babies classes). April 2019

Thank you both for developing a brilliant course. It's very accessible and informative. I look forward to receiving more info. about other courses.

Anon. (From 21st Century Posture classes). April 2019

Daniela is an insightful and talented Alexander Technique practioner. She is passionate about her work which is conveyed in her caring and compassionate approach to her clients. My work with her has resolved both physical and emotional issues. I no longer have aches and pains from running or from sitting. Emotionally, I feel lighter and calm after every sessions.

Melanie Cox, Psychoterapist (From one to one sessions). May 2019

Daniela is a very experienced and patient practitioner. Her classes were both fun for my baby and really helpful form my back and shoulder pain.

Jess Bulman (From mums and babies classes) May 2019

I cannot recommend this class enough! A wonderful place to start focusing back on yourself, and gives you tools to deal with the inevitability stressful situations you find yourself in with a baby. No prior knowledge needed at all. Daniela is a warm and experienced leader and really there to help you focus on YOU for once! And my little one had a real blast as well, loved the songs and pace of the class, the best all rounder we have attended on my mat leave.

Rayna Ferner (from mums and babies classes).

I spent eight years suffering with sciatica pains. I had tried just about every remedy available, physio both on NHS and privately, acupuncture, osteopathy. I went to overly priced chiropractors and even tried shiatsu which helped for a short time and then I was back at square one. I was suicidal having spent truck loads of money and still no result. The best NHS could offer me is a back operation because I had a herniated disc which was irritating the sciatic nerve. I wanted to it avoid at all cost. Then I heard about the Alexander Technique and found Daniela. From my first session with her I could feel real relief. She taught me to understand my body and why it was broken and then proceeded to help me fix myself. After two sessions with her I was able to walk straighter and stand in the shower, something I haven't done for years! Thank you Daniela for giving me my life back. I have just had my third session with her and maybe I can conquer the world.

Joan Rhyney (From one to one sessions)

I started with the Alexander Technique at the suggestion of my music teacher. Daniela's Alexander Technique sessions are really helping me with my awareness of how I sit and move and are helping me improve both of these and in particular how I approach the playing of my instrument .Highly recommended!

Pete Fozard (From one to one sessions, now moved to online sessions)

Daniela is a warm, gentle and intuitive teacher who has helped me strengthen my own body-mind connection through the Alexander Technique to find balance. I have since discovered that this also leads itself to a new found joy and openess that is felt through the body.

I am also grateful to Daniela for skilfully applying the principals of the Alexander Technique to  benefit and enhance my own personal yoga practise, in terms of better alignment and ease. I always look forward to our sessions.

Liza Anon. (From one to one sessions)

The Alexander Technique has helped me with my hypermobility. After the NHS physiotherapy had limited results, I started sessions with Daniela and have gained a much better understanding of my condition. Daniela has been excellent at showing me how through conscious attention I can lose bad habits and learn to move efficiently.

Zach McMahon, student (From one to one sessions)

I absolutely loved taking Daniela's class. I came to it initially hoping to get tips for how to better hold my (enormous!) baby, since I was worried about my back long term. I did get that, but I got so much more as well. I now feel like I have a much greater understanding of how my body functions, and how to avoid the traps we can fall into relating to posture, bending, standing, walking - every way our bodies move. Daniela is a very intuitive and sympathetic teacher. She's great with the babies, and is effective at adapting the class depending on how they're faring (if they're peaceful she'll focus on the adults, getting more technical if that's helpful; if they want attention she'll run a baby-centric activity that incorporates the movement we're learning about). One thing I would stress is that I think it's important to attend more than one class - I did the full five sessions and I'm very glad I did. The Alexander technique isn't a quick fix, and the real value comes from building on what you've learned week by week.

Alice Brett  (From Mums and Babies classes)

I went to my first session of Alexander Technique with babies last week. Daniela was very welcoming and it was a lovely small class size of three (classes are up to four) which is necessary as Daniela will come around and touch you individually to very gently change your position and posture. It was lovely for the babies as it incorporated gently movement and singing for them which was cleverly designed to help us sit and hold them better. There were also mats and space for them to lie and play

Helen (From mums and babies classes)

Patient and insightful in her method, Daniela seems to effortlessly tune into the various day-to-day stresses I put on my body. I very much look forward to our weekly sessions.

Alan Rickett, London (From one to one sessions, now moved to online sessions)

Daniela is a fantastic teacher! Highly recommended for issues with sleep, stress and general back or body pain or any physical tension. Alexander Technique seem to market itself heavily towards musicians and for general posture work but I find the mental/phychological impact is as strong as the physical benefits. If you have stress/anxiety or sleep issues I would encourage you to try it.

Joe Moore (From one to one sessions, now moved to online sessions)

I had a pain to my knee and lower back and during Daniela's session I could feel and deeply be aware of my way of sitting and walking and how to change. I got better immediately after and I'm sure this is my right path for the long period. Daiela's approach is professional and warm, the proper combination for a successful session.

Irene Pani, Yoga Teacher (From one to one sessions, now moved to online sessions)

Stiff shoulders and aching back were a real problem when playing my cello. Daniela showed me a better posture which made a real difference. Just by laying hands on my back, my muscles relax and my body moves into a better shape. This is definitely making a real change to the way I sit and move. Her gentle manner and encouraging comments are very helpful.

Julie Cooke, Retired doctor (from one to one sessions. Now moved to online sessions)

Daniela has made such a positive impact so far. The process has been very eye opening and therapeutic so a heartfelt 'thank you' to you, Daniela! Your kind and gentle manner are breath of fresh air and after every lesson I feel improvements. It feels too good to be true after years of struggling with pure posture and pain.

Laura Williams (from one to one sessions, now moved to online sessions)

Fantastic class with Daniela via Zoom. Great for learning about how you use your body in the best way for you and baby, to avoid aches and pains and feel confident. I was skeptical about whether AT would work online, but Daniela was careful to make me position the screen so she could see us properly, and she gave great feedback as I followed her directions. Small class size meant she adapted the class to my particular concerns. We did some songs with baby and he slept a lot (so thumbs up from him too!). Guidance with breastfeeding positioning really helpful. Highly recommended.

Isabel Bodunrin (from Mums and Babies class)

Working with Daniela over the last few months has been extremely beneficial. She is always calm, warm and reassuring. We have worked on postural and mental exercises, as well as exploring position and movement at the piano. We have only been able to have online sessions for the last few months, but this has taught me a different side to the Alexander Technique to that I have done previously-she has taught me to become even more self-aware of what is happening with my body, as 'hands-on' has not been an option. I definitely think that everything I have been learning has helped a lot!

Tom Dewey (from online one to one session)

After a year of neck pain, having trouble even picking up the guitar, I got recommended to try out Alexander Technique and found Daniela. Already after our first session I felt the pain easing and I had a new understanding of how my body and mind are highly connected. Daniela possesses a high level of knowledge and is incredible at spotting the habits causing tension. She is warm and very calm throughout the sessions. I highly recommend her for anyone struggling with tension, stress or other mental challenges, musician or not. I am still in the middle of my training and looking forward to keep exploring with Daniela as an excellent guide!

Malin Anderson (from online one to one session)

After years of back pain and poor posture and a recent back operation Daniela has been working with me for the last few months to recognise the habits (big and small) I have that are interrupting my day to day life and how my body functions and moves. Daniela has been encouraging and reassuring from my first session when she helped me to manage acute sciatic pain and since then through lots of exploration of those habits. Thank you Daniela!

Carmel C (from online one to one sessions)

"Daniela's Alexander Technique sessions have had a huge impact on me. She is patient and understanding of my needs and learnt habits, which we are working on together.
Working with Daniela has given me a better understanding of how I hold myself, which has had a very positive affect on my general wellbeing. I look forward to our regular weekly sessions and would highly recommend her to anyone looking to improve this area of their life" ~ Esther Bishop, Writer, London.

Esther Bishop, Writer, London

About me/testimonials: Testimonials
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