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Lying down in semi-supine
Active rest

  • Spend 10-20 minutes each day taking active rest. It helps your back regain springiness, mobility and length.

  • Lie down on your back and on a mat. Place some books under your head. You want the right amount of books: too many would constrict your throat and too few would put pressure on your neck.

  • Bend your knees so that they point towards the ceiling and have your feet flat on the floor and slightly apart.

  • Place your hands on your abdomen and apart from each other. Alternatively, the palm of your hands can cover your eyelids.

  • You can choose to have your eyes open on your eyelids closed. You want to stay awake to become aware of yourself and be aware of your surroundings: the colours, the sounds or smells in the room and beyond.

  • Gravity is your friend: allow your whole body to settle towards the floor.

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Rest your legs on the chair

To support your lower back

Palming in semi-supine

When palming in lying down in semi-supine it is easy to strain your arms. So why not trying one of the following:

  • cover your eyes with a bag filled with lavender seeds .

  • use a scarf to rest your elbows.

  • rest your elbows on a cushion.

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